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Polar Fibre Prodotti disponibili
This is super, soft, pre-tapered synthetic fur that will give any pattern incredible action in the water. Life like material for bait fish imitations, streamers and various attractor patterns. It is great when tying with epoxies and can be easily marked with indelible marking pens for a more realistic, fish fooling presentation. Polar fibre will hold it's shape in the water, eliminating the pulsing effect that you get with flies tied with natural materials. It is virtually indestructable and dries quickly.
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 Polar Fibre White      Polar Fibre White   3.40€  Non disponibile 
 Polar Fibre Black      Polar Fibre Black   3.40€  Compra Ora 
 Polar Fibre Olive      Polar Fibre Olive   3.40€  Compra Ora 
 Polar Fibre Chartreuse      Polar Fibre Chartreuse   3.40€  Non disponibile 
 Polar Fibre Camel      Polar Fibre Camel   3.40€  Compra Ora 
 Polar Fibre Grey      Polar Fibre Grey   3.40€  Non disponibile 
 Polar Fibre Red      Polar Fibre Red   3.40€  Compra Ora 
 Polar Fibre Green      Polar Fibre Green   3.40€  Compra Ora 
 Polar Fibre Orange      Polar Fibre Orange   3.40€  Non disponibile 
 Polar Fibre Royal Blue      Polar Fibre Royal Blue   3.40€  Non disponibile 
 Polar Fibre Purple      Polar Fibre Purple   3.40€  Non disponibile 
 Polar Fibre Sea Blue      Polar Fibre Sea Blue   3.40€  Compra Ora 
 Polar Fibre Hot Orange      Polar Fibre Hot Orange   3.40€  Non disponibile 
 Polar Fibre Charcoal      Polar Fibre Charcoal   3.40€  Compra Ora 
 Polar Fibre Pink      Polar Fibre Pink   3.40€  Compra Ora 
 Polar Fibre Lemon      Polar Fibre Lemon   3.40€  Non disponibile 
 Polar Fibre Misty Camel      Polar Fibre Misty Camel   3.40€  Non disponibile 
 Polar Fibre Steelhead Silver      Polar Fibre Steelhead Silver   3.40€  Compra Ora 
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